Accidental Discharge

Be careful of where you aim your lens or else you might get shot!

On my way to work I spotted a vibrant red flower calling out to the world from the sea of green in which it was drowned. Since I’d barely pulled out of my parking space I decided to be a good little photog and start my day off with a picture. Having recently learned that if I hold the camera button on my smartphone then release it once my shot is framed that it’ll lock exposure and metering settings, I attempted to give it a go and see what difference it would make.

Turns out I need to practice not letting go of the button.

I got a lovely accidental shot of my thighs, grass, and left shoe. Ironically, the intentional shot of the flower came out too horribly to salvage or share. But the point was to get an interesting image so mission accomplished.

Taken with Galaxy Note 3, retouched with Photoshop Express.


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