How to Properly Cross A San Francisco City Street

As a recent part-time transplant to the city of…..okay, I don’t know San Francisco’s nickname because I haven’t been here long enough. But I have learned other helpful tips that help me navigate the city, like:

– Pedestrians are gods here. They are infinitely more powerful than the multi-ton vehicles the roads were built for because they can make those machines stop on a dime.

– Cyclists are demons. Using two legs to get around is respected by all, but get on two wheels and you become the most cursed being in all of existence. Maybe it has something to do with having no regard for traffic laws….?

– MUNI freaking rocks! Coming from a Southern city that requires one to have a car to get anywhere, it’s absolutely fabulous to be able to get anywhere in the city without having to drive yourself. How will I ever survive back in Charlotte without the F Market?

– Always obey the crosswalk signs. They are the leaders of the pedestrian gods. Anything they say, goes. And I mean absolutely anything. 😉



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