Meet the Photographer

I am
a humble photo artist
exploring the jagged fragments
of a fiery universe
with the
creative imagination
of her mind’s eye
and her camera’s lens.


I am Tori “Eternity Philops” James, the owner & operator of Soul Art Photography. A lifestyle and life journey photographer, I’ve been swimming in the sea that is photography since 2009. Since then I’ve dived in and submerged myself in the ocean of this versatile visual medium, and have worked to evolve my talent, knowledge, and skill into a professional photography business.

The focus of this blog isn’t on the technicalities of photography, but rather on the creativity and originality of it. I want to share not only the pleasure of working with clients and capturing their moments, but also my own everyday living, reflecting what I see and what I feel in simple day-to-day life.

Images are mixture of my Samsung Galaxy smartphone renderings and my Nikon D7000/7100 capturings. But no matter the photographic tool, any image of mine that I create–however I create it–is true and utter Soul Art.

I hope you like what you see.


P.S. – You can visit my main site at