A New Year, A New Journey

When I bought my first Nikon camera years ago, I had no goal other than to take some pics for fun. My Nikon D40 was just an entertaining toy, that is, until I noticed that my “pics for fun” were actually pretty good. After I’d had enough of just playing around, I got serious. I bought books. I took classes. I practiced with friends and events for free. Then I decided it was time for a real business.

That was over 5 years ago. Since then Soul Art Photography has grown from a beginner’s side hustle to a full-time professional endeavor. And the growth hasn’t stopped. I now have the opportunity to share Soul Art not only with my beloved Queen City of Charlotte, but also with the gorgeous San Francisco Bay! The beauty of this city is infinite with countless gems to capture…it won’t be long before my wall is full of my photo art and I’m excited for it.

Not only am I bringing Soul Art to a new city, I’m also bringing a new approach to Soul Art. Just like I eventually moved on from my little D40 to more advanced camera models, I’m moving from the digital-only “shoot-and-burn” approach to an emphasis on print products and wall art. If Soul Art can’t be confined to just one city, then your Soul Art Images shouldn’t be confined to just being seen on computer screens and mobile devices. And if I’m going to fill up my wall with art, I’m going to fill yours as well.

January has marked the beginning of a brand new journey, and I can’t wait to see where the path leads. 2015 is going to be an exciting year! 



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